Summer Oldskool Garage Outdoor Rave – Bristol [LAST 75 TICKETS]
28th August 2021 - 1:00 pm



– We will be providing hand sanitiser throughout the venue and at the entrance.

– We will be cleaning and sanitising the club before, during and after the shows.

– All staff, security and DJs will be tested before each event.

In-line with Public Health’s Guidance, we require all attending
customers to provide a lateral flow test 48 hours before coming to the
venue and enter their results into the NHS app or on the Gov website. We
will be checking your result on the door. Should you provide a positive
test result, then you will not be permitted to enter the premises.

– You will be asked to show your negative results regardless if you have had a vaccination or a valid vaccine passport.

If a negative test can not be shown on entry, a limited amount of
lateral flow test will be available on site but will be subject to a fee
of 10£.

– It is essential you do not come to the venue if:

1. You have tested positive

2. You are self-isolating

3. You are feeling unwell or have any symptoms associated with COVID-19

Most frequently asked questions:

written on our statement, you will need to show you have had a negative
test result in the previous 48 hours to the event. Free lateral flow
tests are available for FREE from most chemists or by ordering through
the website.

How do you enter a lateral flow test result on the app?

You can get your NHS COVID pass by uploading your results

on the NHS app. You can find a very simple video via the link in our bio, which explains to you how to do this:

Alternatively, you can enter your lateral flow test results on the website:

You can register your test without having an account.

Can I show the text or email sent by the NHS, which includes my test results as proof on the door?


What is the time frame for tests prior to the event I am attending?

48 hours.

What is Motion doing for keeping the customers safe?

will be opening more venue space which will be creating airflow. For
indoor shows, there will be ventilation units as well as high ceilings.
We will be providing hand sanitiser throughout the venue and at the
entrance. We will also be cleaning and sanitising the club before,
during and after the shows. ⁣

Is the wearing of masks mandatory?

It is advised for customers to wear a face-covering; however, it is not mandatory. All staff will be wearing masks.

Why does the lateral flow test cost £10 at the venue?

you can imagine, we have ordered many of them, and the fee includes the
ordering and processing cost. We have also hired an external medical
team who will be in charge of helping customers with their tests and
disposal of clinical and medical waste. We encourage you to do your
lateral flow test prior to the show.

Why is a test required if you have a covid pass saying you are double jabbed?

Even if you are double vaccinated, you can still carry and spread the virus.

Will you be offering refunds to people who choose not to do everything you ask?

only provide people with a refund when the show has been postponed or
cancelled. However, we can give you access to another show.

Will you be offering refunds to customers who have tested positive?

No, but we can also give you access to another show.

Can attendees bring their negative lateral flow test as proof instead of the email?

No, we will only be accepting emails or texts sent by the NHS.


Motion 74-78 Avon St
Bristol BS2 0PX
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